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We are open every day from June 5 to August 31 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. non-stop

Les gilets de sauvetage sont-ils obligatoires ?

Yes, buoyancy aids are mandatory and are provided and included in the rate.

A partir de quel âge peut-on pratiquer l'activité ?

The minimum age to participate in the water park is 6 years old.
Children aged 6 to 9 must be accompanied by at least one adult on the inflatable structures.
The aquapark is aimed at both adults and children.

Faut-il savoir nager ?

Yes, you have to have the basics of swimming and be comfortable with the fact that you won't have your feet. Also note that it is very likely that you will have to put your head under water.

Dois-je réserver à l'avance ?

Reservation is not required but we recommend that you book in advance for groups of more than 10 people to ensure your place during a session, especially at peak times.

Please note that reservations are subject to availability.

Several possibilities to book:

- By email (your request here)

• By telephone :

• Internet reservation (Payment in credit card) (Option to come)

• Directly on site at the park reception

Est-ce que je peux arrêter ma session plutot que prévu ?

Yes, if you want to rest or if you have had enough, you can leave the session at any time.
You can only return to the park during the same session.
You will not be able to carry over the remaining time to another session.

Puis-je venir avec des amis ou famille qui ne participent à l'activité ? Est-ce payant pour eux ?

It is quite possible to bring people who do not participate in the activity. They can settle on the beach next door. Only people who participate in the activity will have to pay.

Est-ce que je peux porter des lunettes sur le parc ?

Eyeglasses: No, we advise you not to wear your eyeglasses in the park.
If you must wear your glasses, you do so at your own risk as there is a high risk of losing or damaging them.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Swimming goggles: Yes, you can wear swimming goggles but it's really not necessary. It may even bother you more during the activity.
We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Y a-t-il des vestiaires pour se changer?

No, no cloakroom on site. On the other hand, public toilets located in the immediate vicinity can be used as changing rooms.

Y a-t'il des toilettes ?

Yes, there are public toilets a few meters from the park.

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